Music. It's in our bones.


You wanna sound good? Cool. That's what we do. Great gear, space, mics, and all that stuff.


You wanna sound good? Cool. That's what we do. Great gear, space, mics, and all that stuff.


Almost perfect take? Let's make it perfect. Something sideways somewhere? Snip, snip. All good.


Above and beyond? We've got amazing vintage & high-end gear and a line to the best players in Canada and Nashville.


Who's this guy that's pushing all the buttons?

I've been playing music since I was 3 (violin, piano, mandolin, while playing bluegrass with my Dad), and I picked up the guitar around the age of 11 and started on the rock n' roll. At about 12 I pretty much stole my Dad's 4-track recorder, and then since then I've going at this making-records-thing full force. Sometimes I record rock or folk, sometimes I do punk, sometimes I do country. Good music is good music and I'm stoked to work on pretty much anything if it's done with passion and we have a good time.

I've got a great space with a nice tracking and control room (complete with pull-out couch for late sessions), awesome mic locker and access to the best of the best in rentals. Stuff like 1950's Fender Amps, Neumann mics, 70's Neve Strips, API rack pre's and comps, and not to mention that we're super close to the best sandwiches and bacon in town at Red Barn.

I work within whatever budget the client has and get them the best product possible. So if you're looking for a great recording, with some experienced guidance behind the desk, you've got the right place. Gimme a ring or an email and we'll make it happen.

What we've done

We've got a history of doing awesome projects with awesome people. Check it out.

We got stuff

We've got some great stuff kicking around for you to use when we are working on your project. Top notch hardware like mics, preamps, converters, and EQ's allow us to get the sound you want before it even is commited to disk. And when it's there, we've got more cool things like plug-ins and editing capabilities that'll take it the last of the way to exactly what you want. And on top of that, if you want some really specific, really cool vintage gear, it's easy for us to get that in your hands as well. We have a line on everything from a 1955 Fender Champ to a classic Neuman U47, we have something that'll make the vibe you hear in your head, happen on playback.

Wanna get started? Good. Let's do it.